Bluehost Review – Is Bluehost Really Best Hosting?

About Bluehost Hosting :

Bluehost started in 1996 and is a trusted web host provider since then. Bluehost is one of the oldest and best webhost providers. It has been ranked among the Top 10 world’s best web hosting companies of 2013.This webhosting has been popular among the customers because of its high speed and good quality services. More than 2,000,000 customers are using Bluehost for hosting their website till now and is still continuing in the same way.

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Web hosting is becoming very popular these days; every other person wants to host their own webpage either for personal or for their professional use. They want to attain a position in the market for which they need to have their own website to get in contact with a wide range of audiences through the internet and this is possible with the help of these webhost providers. These webhost providers make their website viewable online. Webhost provides server space and allows internet access. Most web host providers allow viewing of website as well as offer file transfer services called File Transfer protocol, by which user can send and receive large files in the absence of email services.

Bluehost Review – Types of Hosting Plans Available :

Several type of webhosting are available; Free webhosting, Shared webhosting and cloud web hosting. Free web hosting comes with limited features, in Shared webhosting you need to share the server with others and in Cloud hosting, hosting can be the most reliable. Bluehost is one of the premium Webhost providers, hosting to near about 2,000,000 domains. Bluehost have developed their data centers nationwide and have ensured to cover most of the locations. They have their own servers and Linux kernel, and assures that Bluehost itself will handle all the problems if arises any.

Besides those features which are common in other web hosting companies as well, Bluehost has provided some great features like it has very good customer support, it is reliable as compared to other website and comes up with the WordPress features. Bluehost is a standard web host service provider.

Bluehost Review -  Easy WordPress Installation :

Bluehost comes with WordPress which is a great advantage for someone who has good knowledge of web hosting or even someone who is new in Site building. WordPress makes it easier for you to create your own website with themes which are already available with WordPress, it comes with all kind of themes which are suitable for any website, from business site to some Blog sites.

Best Server Uptime and Fast Page Load Speed :

Bluehost provides Dual Quad Processor server and is monitored 24/7 by highly trained technical staffs It provides services in a very fast pace. Bluehost does webhosting faster it loads your website within no time, which is the biggest feature of using Bluehost. When you are creating your own website you need to take care of various hurdles which can degrade the performance of your website and one of the problems would be time required for site loading. If a website takes time to load then it straightaway effects the website’s promotion. Google always prefers website which loads faster and this feature is very important for Search Engine Optimization and this is one of the major reason why people prefer Bluehost web host provider as compared to other web host providers.

Unlimited Domains With Unlimited Disk Space :

Bluehost provides Alexa and Google Analytics plug in for analyzing the traffic coming to your website. This analyzing tool keeps track of your website helping you realize the weak points of your website, by which you can increase the presence of your website on the internet. This analyzing tool helps you know where you are really lacking and you can manage your business in a well mannered way. Bluehost provides wide range of features in an affordable price, it provides Unlimited Domain, Unlimited Disk Space and it also provides a free domain for the first year when you purchase a hosting plan. The server is always available, it never goes down so your website visitors will never face the error message of page not available.

Bluehost provides all the features required to create a website in a single plan or package, while in other webhost providers you require to purchase different plans to accomplish your task as you may not find all essential features in a single package. There is a feature called CloudFlare which is very useful in hosting your website on their servers and CloudFlare’s server are even faster than bluehost and it makes your site load faster. When you go to purchase CloudFlare it costs $30 but when you have a Bluehost account then it is free. Cloudflare even protects your site from attacks and hacks. visit for more bluehost coupons at

Bluehost Review – Customer Support :

Bluehost is the most trusted webhost providers, it provides you an uninterrupted access which makes your website easygoing and stable. They have great customer support with 24/7 availability who are well knowledgeable and are there to solve all your problems in a very short time span. They respond to your query in an average of 30 seconds and it’s a proven track record. They ensure that their customers are completely satisfied and are not left behind with any query.